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supper clubs.

Our supper clubs are intimate dining experiences held in a relaxed & informal environment that give you the opportunity to try flavours and high-quality dishes you may have never had before. Each supper club has a different theme with each of the dishes on a set menu being carefully devised by myself (Sonal). These have been inspired by the places I have traveled and a lot of thought goes into how these dishes work collectively. The whole idea is that you have a whole table of beautiful food that you are able to share with each other.

For each supper club, I detail booklets with the origin and thought process behind the dishes. I also speak to every table to discuss the food they have just devoured and answer any questions. It really is the best feeling ever getting to meet everyone and knowing they’ve had a magical evening. 

We are very lucky to have had a great and very positive response to all of our supper clubs held, which has resulted in our events being in high demand. We recommend getting on the site when tickets go live in order to guarantee to get your tickets.

Please stay up to date with our socials to find out about future dates!

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