This is basically my master chef intro speech...

My name is Sonal (pronounced s-on-ul). My passion for cooking was ignited by a trip to Italy when I was 12, the simplicity of the fresh ingredients, used to their maximum potential fascinated me. Also, growing up with Indian heritage helped me to develop my palette and understand the complexity of spices.

Since then, I have spent a lot of time discovering new flavours, cultures and cuisines and bringing all those influences into the food I cook.

In March 202o, I came back from months of travelling the world to a pandemic. I started a cooking page in May 2020 to showcase all of the dishes I was making and 3 months later, Freska was born.

Alongside my new venture I am studying for a Food Science and Innovation Masters which I hope will take me further within the industry.

With the help of my amazing family, we trialled Freska To Go in October 2020. The menu showcased sharing dishes from around the world designed to be enjoyed at home. The response was incredible and we filled the waitlist within 2 weeks of starting! 

For 2021 we have some very exciting things planned so you won't want to miss out... make sure you're staying up to date with any news on the Freska Instagram and Facebook pages.